…located in the farm with the same name, in the middle of a wide botanical park. There, a broad variety of trees can be observed and it’s a very popular area where neighbours of Amorebieta use to go for walk, exercise and enjoy nature.

Beñat Ormaetxea

…is a young and experienced chef from Amorebieta, mainly known by his great interest in innovative cuisine, with a long career behind him. After being the winner of 7th Young Spanish Chefs Championship in 2001, he started his journey in the culinary world with Juantxu Larruzea, from Juantxu’s restaurant in Amorebieta. Once he finished his studies in the Hospitality and Turism School in Leioa with Jose Angel Iturbe, he had the oportunity to work with Martin Berasategi, in his restaurant Lasarte. In addition, he has been the head chef in Guggenheim (Bilbao) and Aretxondo Jatetxea’s restaurants (Galdakao).

All the expertise acquired through those years took him to open his own restaurant in 2007, Jauregibarria Jatetxea, located in the beautiful surroundings of his hometown. Currently, he belongs to Geugaz Jan, a basque chefs association, whose objective is to promote, deepen and defend Biscay’s gastronomy as well as spread a new taste philosophy that combines pleasure and knowledge, giving special relevance to the gastronomic traditions of each region and the appreciation of the products.